Klappboxfilme has been established in 2006 by filmmakers Jessica Krummacher and Timo Mueller. The main focus is to develop our own documentaries and feature arthouse films and establish them on a national and international level.

In 2008 we released our first feature-film production Morscholz, written and directed by Timo Mueller, produced by Jessica Krummacher. The film wins the »Förderpreis Deutscher Film – Kategorie Beste Regie« , the most acclaimed award for upcoming filmmakers in Germany. Several international film festivals followed.

Jessica Krummachers first feature film TOTEM celebrated 2011 his world premiere at the »68. Biennale di Venezia«. After it was also shown at u.a. Viennale, International Film Festival Rotterdam and Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independente. TOTEM nominated for German Filmcritics’ Award (Best Newcomer) 2012.

At the present time Krummacher and Mueller are developing new narrative material for both fictional and documentary auteurs’s/ arthouse films. The fictional arthouse film TO THE DEATH OF MY MOTHER (WT), directed by Jessica Krummacher with funding by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Filmfund North Rhine-Westphalia, FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria and the Kuratorium Young German Film (for script development), was shot September/ October 2020 in the Ruhr Area and is currently in Post Production. THE RED MOUNTAIN a fictional-documentary hybrid, by director Timo Mueller, was funded by FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria and the Kuratorium Young German Film has been completed in spring 2021. The sequel THE RED MOUNTAIN COMPLEX (WT) also directed by Timo Mueller is actually in postproduction.

The cinematic work of both Krummacher and Mueller ist regularly complemented by art projects and exhibitions realised in the field of video art, mixed media or installation. Those works have been funded by Art Foundation NRW and State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia.