Morscholz (2008)


A film by Timo Müller


Morscholz is a place. Morscholz is more than a place. It is a state of mind. Ants, Blood, chopped off heads. It is about Dirk. Love, mourning. It is about Diane, Bernd, Fabienne, Michel, Gertrud, Flipper and grandma Josefine. A family. A feeling. An atmosphere.


Laurens Walter, Hiltrud Lichthardt, Josefine Behres, Suntje Freier, Mélanie Fouché, Uwe Keller, Matthias Piro, Dominik Ridder, Werner Kulms


Buch und Regie: Timo Müller. Produzentin und Producerin: Jessica Krummacher. Kamera: Felix Raitz von Frentz. Orginalton: Roman Gutt. Besetzung: Mareike Lindenmeyer. Schnitt: Timo Müller, Stine Sonne Munch, Elisabeth Rassbach. Schnittbetreuung: Peter Przygodda. Tonschnitt, Sounddesign und Mischung: Andre Bendocchi-Alves. Musik: Strandjungs, Rapture, Call Me Wonders. Herstellungsleitung: Hans-Joachim Köglmeier. Gesamtleitung: Prof. Andreas Gruber.

A kLAPPbOXfILME production with University of Television and Film Munich.


Gemany 2008, 35 mm, 1:1,66, color, Dolby Digital
Original Language, English subtitles
Length 104 min


Young German Cinema Award 2008 – Best Young Director
Nominierung Förderpreis Deutscher Film 2008 – Bestes Drehbuch, Bester Hauptdarsteller Männlich
German Independence Award 2008


Munich International Filmfest 2008
Oldenburg International Film Festival 2008
Festival Internacional de Cine Gijon 2008
Film Festival Max-Ophüls-Preis 2009
Festival of German Independent Cinema Porto Alegre 2013
Athen Avant-Garde Film Festival 2014


»Out of all nominees it was the most headstrong, the weirdest, and most courageous film. It is awkward and very impressive.« Fritzi Haberlandt, member of the jury Young German Cinema Award 2008

»Never before has the German back country been so strange, bizarre, and at the same time so honest and close as in Müller’s exciting debut. A narrative walk on a tight-rope between caring documentation and arresting narrative cinema.« Oldenburg International Film Festival

»The most controversial film in competition.« Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Hard-hitting drama.« VARIETY

»A homevideo of a different kind, provoking and with artistic ambition.« Blickpunkt Film

»Like a Saarland-Version of Harmony Korine’s Gummo ... a compelling portait of post-proletarian condition.« TIP Berlin