A film by Timo Müller, 110 min.

German Premiere, Filmfest Munich, Competition New German Cinema
23.06. – 02.07.2022

An impossible movie. The attempt to reveal the secrets of the RED MOUNTAIN. A man who digs up a 4000 year old city, philosophers who live in huts, children who find out something terrible and a young woman who disappeared. Something intangible between facts and fiction. At the end fire and maybe truth. The mountain has its effect on everybody.

Cast und Crew
Volker, Jürgen, Calvin, Loki, Maria Pop, Etienne Moret, Dominik Wagner, Jan Sittner

Written & Directed by Timo Müller
Dramatic Advisor Franz Rodenkirchen
Producer Jessica Krummacher
Camera Sven Zellner, Felix Raitz von Frentz, Björn Siepmann, Timo Müller
Editor Timo Müller, Korinna Krauss Korinna Krauss

Development funded by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film
Production funded by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, FFF Bayern

Winner Los-Angeles Independent Award, Best Documentary
Nomination Competition New German Cinema
Nomination German Independence Award – Best german Movie

Filmfest München 2022
Filmfest Oldenburg 2022
Los Angeles Independent Award 2023
Achtung Berlin Filmfest 2023

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