Totem (2011)


A film by Jessica Krummacher

Theatrical Release at 26.04.2012
DVD release at 26.10.2012

Verleih und Vertrieb

Filmgalerie 451


A young woman called Fiona turns up in a city in the Ruhr Area in Germany to work for the Bauer family as a housekeeper. Father, mother, daughter and son all live their own lives, co-existing without communicating. Nobody realizes that Fiona has made a decision. Only the neighbour starts worrying. Totem shows a family's routine spinning out of control with the arrival of a stranger.


Marina Frenk, Natja Brunckhorst, Benno Ifland, Alissa Wilms, Cedric Koch, Fritz Fenne, Dominik Buch, Irmgard Pethke


Buch und Regie: Jessica Krummacher. Regieassistenz und Dramaturgische Beratung: Timo Müller. Kamera: Björn Siepmann. Originalton: Daniel Schäkermann. Kostüme: Anna Wübber, Sarah Bernady. Montage: Jessica Krummacher. Feinschnitt: Heike Parplies. Sounddesign: Jochen Jesuzzek. Mischung: Gerhard Auer. Musik: Marina Frenk. Produzenten: Martin Blankemeyer, Jessica Krummacher, Philipp Budweg, Timo Müller. Ein Film von Jessica Krummacher.

Arepo Media, kLAPPbOXfILME, Lieblingsfilm GmbH, Münchner Filmwerkstatt, in cooperation with the University of Television and Film Munich.


Germany 2011, Format DCP, 1:1,85, color, Dolby Digital
Original Language: German, Subtitles: English / French / Italien / Spanish
Length 86 minutes


Nominated Lion of the Future 2011 - Venice Award for a Debut Film
Nominated Max Ophüls Preis 2012 - Competition
Nominated Festival of German Film 2012 - Competition
Nominated Award of German Critics 2012 - Best Debut Film